Virtual Dementia Tour

On Tuesday 29th June we hosted the Virtual Dementia Tour Bus at Safeharbour.  This bus is a simulator that gives a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like.

Those who took part in the experience were given tasks to do in the bus, however our abilities were influenced by the environment and made this much more difficult.  After completing the allotted time on the bus we went back into Safeharbour and had a video de-brief which was fantastic.  There were so many interesting points to consider when caring for people living with dementia.

It wasn’t just our staff who took part in this experience, we also had staff from Age UK, Darent Valley Hospital, Kent Libraries, Ellenor, Green Doctor, Advocacy People and Northfleet School for Girls. We don’t want to give too much of the experience away but strongly encourage everyone who has the opportunity to have go.  It really is eye opening!

We would like to thank Training2Care for delivering such an excellent experience, we all definitely came away having learnt something new!

We would also like to thank Dementia Friendly Kent for funding the experience and making this possible.

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