Thank you Wavelength!

In September 2018 we were fortunate enough to receive support from Wavelength (Charity Limited) who supplied us with 10 tablets for use by our clients and their carers, a Smart TV for Beacon our Daycare Service and an MP3 player for our Singing Group

We have been using all the items for a few months now and they have had a real impact in all areas.  Our Day Care clients, who originally thought that they would ‘never use anything like that’ are now enthralled with the Tablets.  They love the Apps and the ability to look at almost anything they want to sometimes alone and sometimes with support from our carers but in the moment that their thoughts are on a particular subject.  The Smart TV has done what we thought it would and more.  It initiates conversation within the group.  Dancing is something we never envisaged as being a big hit but when we show favourite singers and songs invariably someone will want to have a dance and are staff and volunteers are definitely brushing up their dancing steps.  As soon as something comes up in conversation its ‘show me on the tablet or the screen’ – it’s the immediate ability to react to questions and show something on a screen that our clients benefit from.  We are able to keep momentum up and keep clients involved.   In Day Care at the moment the ‘old’ films (often in black and white) and photographs of our local area (Gravesend) in past times are a huge hit and conversation starter.  The tablets have been used at Memory Cafes, Peer Support Groups, Carers Groups and our Young Onset Dementia Group with equal success.  Our Singing Group are so pleased to have recorded music to accompany their singing and it has made a real difference to the group as the music is always in place which ever staff member takes the class.

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