Sponsored Slim

Jackie, Karen and Bruce all work in The Beacon Day Support, you’ve probably seen some epic pictures and videos of them having great fun with our members. Recently they decided to take on the challenge of a sponsored slim and raise some funds for our charity.

Jackie decided she wanted to lose weight for her sister’s wedding this year and Karen and Bruce wanted to do it simply for their ‘self and health’.  Regardless of the motivation, all three of them have done a fantastic job.

Between them they have managed to lose a whopping 4st 6lb in 12 weeks, over a whole sack of potatoes in weight! ‌ We are all so proud of them on this great achievement and who knows, maybe they’ll pave the way for a few more of us to jump on the healthy bandwagon?

Over the course of 12 weeks they have raised £210 which they have kindly decided to put towards some new games and activities to use in The Beacon Day Support.

All three have decided to continue their slimming journey so if you would like to sponsor them you can simply call us on 01474 533990.

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