Carers Learning Programme

Are you caring for someone living with dementia?

Do you need to find out more about the condition?

Do you need advice about, and support with, your role as a Carer?

People do not expect to be Carers, but a diagnosis of dementia can change you from a partner to a Carer, from a daughter or son to a Carer, often with little understanding of how this will affect you and the person living with dementia.

The Carers Learning Programme is designed to help support you and your person living with Dementia on your journey, exploring the different stages as a Carer for someone living with dementia.

The programme runs over 4 consecutive weeks, with 3 hour sessions each week periodically throughout the year in Dartford and Gravesend.  The sessions run from 10 am – 1 pm

We will explain about the different types of dementia and how it can impact on the way some people may behave (and the reasons for this). How to manage if a person starts to lose their communication skills or forget words and offer you different techniques and skills to help
you to manage.

We provide you with practical resource materials, fact sheets and information from guest speakers where appropriate, and of course the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other Carers. Your role as Carer has the potential to be stressful and we aim to help alleviate that and support you as you journey on your dementia adventure.

Whether you are caring for someone who has recently developed dementia or have been caring for someone for many years, this programme can help.

Please contact us on 01474 533990 or email to register your interest. 


“I don’t feel so alone now.  I will definitely be putting all the info into practice.” 

“It gave me a clearer picture of what the stages of dementia are, things to expect and how to cope with the various stages. 

“I found it very useful and thought provoking.”

“A great and helpful course”

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