Dementia Coordinator

The role of a Dementia Coordinator is a National Institute for Care Excellence recommendation, and as of April 2022, there will be 42 Dementia Coordinators working across Kent to provide those living with dementia with the support they need, both pre and post-diagnosis. 25 of these coordinators will be working for ADSS across North and West Kent, with another 17 based in East Kent, led by Age UK, Herne Bay, and Whitstable. A coordinator’s role is essentially to act as the first point of contact from pre-diagnosis to the end of someone’s life, supporting people through the entire dementia pathway, and helping them to navigate the complex health and social care system.

Each of our coordinators utilise our person-centred model of care in order to create a support plan that is specific to an individual and their needs. This typically involves the coordinator working within a Primary Care Network, allowing them to work with and maintain regular contact with professionals in Memory Clinics, GP Surgeries, Social Prescribing Services, other charities, Social Services, Carers Services, and several other services and organisations that all aim to promote the wellbeing and independence of people living with dementia. At ADSS, we are particularly passionate about advocating for those with dementia, to lead fulfilling, active, involved lives – something that our Dementia Coordinators prioritise when providing support. They are also able to signpost people to specific organisations that may be able to provide further support for someone’s wellbeing, socialising, benefits or familial support. What matters most, is that the person living with dementia receives the best quality of care that is tailored to them; whether that be a recommendation to a local support group, providing care services, a referral to the GP, help with getting a diagnosis, financial support, safeguarding issues, or just someone to talk to that will take the time to get to know you and your needs through home visits and regular contact.

Already our Dementia Coordinators have supported many people with a wide range of complex needs. We have supported people to access a wide range of support. From people who were feeling low and like all was lost because their home was out of control, to people who were getting lost but in desperate need of activity and stimulation. People who have not accessed services because there were language barriers are now chatting regularly with a Dementia Coordinator in Punjabi. Already the Dementia Coordinators are achieving life enhancing outcomes for the people they are supporting.

In order to get in touch with your local ADSS Dementia Coordinator, you can call our Dementia Coordinator line on 0800 035 2221, or email and we will get back to you.

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