Virtual Support

These are unprecedented times and we are having to adapt to this very quickly by embracing the use of technology.  After a successful trial period we are now running our regular support groups online, hosted via Zoom.  We have virtual peer support groups and virtual Singing Back The Memories, both have been received brilliantly. 

All you need is a working smartphone/laptop/computer/tablet, an internet connection and an email address.  We will simply send you an invite email with a link inside and at the specified time of the group you click onto the link and join the meeting.  If you run into any technical issues our team will be on hand to guide you through it. 

If you live in the Dartford, Gravesend or Swanley area please do give us a call on 01474 533990 or email to find out how you can join the groups. 

We have also opened up a closed Facebook group where we’ll be sharing tips and advice, promoting positive discussions and answering any questions or concerns you may have.  As this is a private group you can request to join here

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