End of Life Awareness Training

This session is facilitated by Mandy Haines.  Mandy qualified as a mental health nurse in 1981, going to work with older people and those with dementia.  In 2012 Mandy joined the Cognitive Disorders Service at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery looking after those with young onset and rare dementias. 

Mandy learnt extensively from talking to patients and carers in this role. It has given her great insight into the challenges of living with many types of dementia. 

The outcomes of the dementia end of life awareness training are:

  • Understanding that dementia is a progressive and terminal illness
  • Recognising the importance of advanced care planning
  • Recognising when a person is nearing the end of their life
  • Communicating effectively with people with dementia at the end of life
  • Recognising when someone is in pain or has an infection
  • Developing some understanding of eating, drinking and swallowing problems
  • Developing an awareness of psychological, social and spiritual needs
  • Developing confidence working with individuals and families in potentially distressing situations
  • Understanding the Gold Standards Framework and the hospice movement
  • Knowing who to call for more help and advice

If you are interested in this training and would like some more information please call 01474 533990 and request to speak to Debbie Howard.

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