The Dementia Buddy Scheme seeks to provide volunteers who posses core skills in communication, compassion and understanding of the needs of patients with dementia at Medway Hospital. The Dementia Buddy volunteers work in partnership with the ward staff to ensure the best outcomes for these patients.   

Time is a valuable commodity on a ward and a Dementia Buddy volunteer’s sole responsibility and focus is on the patient, aiming to meet their personal and social needs.  Through working in partnership, the Dementia Buddy volunteer becomes one of the wards sisters team, freeing up nursing to deliver on the clinical needs of the patient.

Dementia Buddy Scheme Objectives at Medway Foundation Trust

  1. Improve the overall hospital experience for the patient with dementia and their cares/family
  2. Provide cognitive and social stimulation for patients
  3. Reduce the length of stay to be in line with other patients admitted with the same primary complaint
  4. Increase the percentage of patients with dementia able to return to their own home
  5. Reduce the number of 28 day emergency re-admissions by ensuring patients with dementia / carers feel more supported
  6. Reduce the incidence of hospital falls and fractures for patients with dementia
  7. Reduce the number of complaints
  8. Increase the number of trained volunteers on the ward
  9. Achieve high levels of job satisfaction for Volunteers
  10. Achieve high levels of job satisfaction for ward staff / Improve the retention of staff on the wards that the scheme operates

For more information please call 01474 533990 or email [email protected]