Harry Reid

Harry is an actor who was born and bred in Gravesend and has always had an emotional connection to charities.  He grew up watching his mum work for local charities and so once he was in a position in his career to make a difference, he did. 

The actor is best known for his role playing Ben Mitchell on Eastenders from 2014 – 2018 as well as several stage productions, short films and his recent stint on Celebrity Coach Trip.

Harry has worked with several charities and is now an ambassador for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services.  As a local lad Harry was keen to get involved with a local charity that meant something to him.  His personal experience of having his Nana living with dementia is what has brought him to us. 

Sat Rayat

Sat was a board member of Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services for 2 years and is now an ambassador of the organisation.  He is also a credited Dementia Friends Champion for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Sat runs his own charities and provides services in Health & Wellbeing, Alcohol Support Groups, Diabetes Care for Asian Communities, and Eye Care workshops in partnership with the International Glaucoma Association (IGA) to help prevent Sight Loss.

Lyn Price

Lyn was elected to the Board in November 2009 and is now an ambassador of the organisation. Lyn was born in Caerphilly, South Wales, and moved to Kent after qualifying as a doctor. In 1970 Lyn became a partner in the Old Road West practice, Gravesend, where she remained until retirement in 2006.  During her career Lyn has played a key role in promoting understanding of the condition of dementia and improving pathways of care. She continues to take an active interest in all aspects of dementia.