Kelly Clark would like to nominate Ruth Leggett for always ensuring she follows through on any situations that arise whilst she is on call. Kelly says:- Her handovers are always so clear, concise and factual which helps me deal with ongoing issues.

She would also like to nominate Nadia Rasho and Shona Gifford – She explains “this month they’ve really helped the team by extending and flexing their availability when needed and we wouldn’t have been able to visit everyone we needed to without their help.”

Julie Frame and Michele Shelton have been nominated by the family of a person we are caring for and they say that they wish they could give more than the certificate that our Stars are awarded. They say that their mum is much more cheerful after their visits and Mum considers Michele and Julie to be her friends. What a wonderful compliment!

Stella Chapman would like to nominate Sharon Philimore for the way that she supports both Stella and her husband Ron. Stella says that Sharon is so patient and kind with Ron and supports him with everything he needs from the start of her visit to the very end. Stella wanted to express her gratitude to Sharon so I asked if Stella wanted to nominate her for star of the month, to which she relied “yes please!”

Sarah Taylor would like to nominate Ross Mullis for helping her out on a last minute task. Ross rose to the occasion and helped Sarah achieve a very tight deadline .

Mrs Anne Trabucchi and the Medway Buddy Volunteers would like to nominate Lynda Petley in recognition of the support and guidance she has given them over the years. The volunteers are keen to express their thanks to her for being there for them and at times going above and beyond. They really appreciate your support!