Ross Mullis would like to nominate Helen Caller for doing such a great job with a couple we support.  She has not only been able to get the lady living with dementia out and about, giving her husband time out, but she has had a break through in helping the carer to understand how the memory of his wife has been affected, giving him a better understanding and helping him to accept his wife’s condition. I feel Helen has gone that extra mile, well done Helen!!

Michelle Wingfield would like to nominate Vilma Tarvyde for all the help she gave with a person we support. She went above and beyond. Thank you.

Sarah Taylor would like to nominate Eve Wilkinson. Eve was a great help to Sarah and Katie when moving into their new office. She went the extra mile when she had to bring her jigsaw in to create a bit for space for us!

She would also like to nominate June Coyle. June volunteers at Singing Back the Memories once a fortnight and has kindly attended weekly while we've been short on volunteers. June takes everything in her stride, nothing is too much trouble, she's been a star helping with everything from making the refreshments to helping lead split group songs.

Katie Antill would like to nominate Kelly Clark who has recently dealt with a really difficult situation with one of the people we are supporting to be discharged from hospital. Kelly had to spend a lot of time working with the family and hospital to make sure this lady was not sent home when she was unable to cope. Katie says we have also received a lovely email from another family member thanking Kelly for all the help she has given to their family. Well done Kelly!

Lynda Petley and Kristy Adams would like to nominate our volunteer Marilyn Brister as Star of the Month. She is one of the Medway buddies longest volunteers, is compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. Lynda and Kristy were advised that Marilyn had encountered a patient that was refusing to take her medication and was becoming agitated and upset and refusing to take the medication from the nurse. Marilyn listened to the patient and calmed her down as she explained that her husband has her tablets in a Dossett box and this is how she knew what to take.. Marilyn spoke to the nurses who were able to show the patient that the tablets she was taking were correct. With Marilyn’s help and reassurance the patient was able to take the tablets she needed and felt reassured and listened to. Lynda and Kristy say this is buddying at it’s best. It also goes to show the support and training that the volunteers have from Lynda and Kristy.

Abbie Boyd would like to nominate Sue and Jan from the café. She says:-They did such a lovely meal for the Safeharbour Lunch Club. It was an extremely busy day in the cafe but they managed it so well and were absolutely fab! Thank you!!!!

Sherrie Boyd would like to nominate Lisa Barlow for stepping in to help a lady using the Beacon Services who had fallen over. As the lady was not injured and the ambulance crew could not reach us for some time, Lisa was able to use her skills and knowledge of the hoist and safely lift the lady up. Well done and thank you!