Sarah Taylor would like to nominate Abbie Boyd. Abbie planned and delivered a very helpful workshop for staff regarding using social media to help raise awareness of the valuable services we offer. Abbie has been developing her knowledge of dementia and our values and consistently demonstrates this in her work.

Angela Kirby would like to nominate Kelly Clark for Star of the Month because she has picked up and run with her new duties like true professional.  She has also managed to get our rostering software to include narrative inviting people to have invoices emailed! A special thank you because Angela has been asking for this to happen for some months and Kelly has achieved this within a week!!

Kelly Clark would like to nominate Michele Shelton for staying an extra hour on a call out of her own time, to support the daughter of a DVH client who was in emotional distress. Michele didn’t have to stay but because she’s such a kind and caring person, she wanted to make sure that the lady felt listened to and supported when going through an emotionally difficult period. Her kindness is a great reflection of the specialist service that ADSS offer to the people we support and their families.

Kelly would also like to nominate Karnen Mew, Sharon Phillimore, Tanya Arnold, Lisa Barlow, Kara Roberts, Debbie Howard, Vilma Tarvyde and Ginette Baker. Their willingness to help out the team in times of desperation is so very much appreciated they are all shining stars!! Their commitment to our service and the people we support is amazing!!

Katie Antill would like to nominate Denise Kilshaw as she went above and beyond to support other departments as well as managing her own.  

Katie would also like to nominate Lynne Lidstone as she has done such a fantastic job of setting up Active Bodies Active Minds. Lynne has worked really hard to help get this new activity group up and running.

Denise Kilshaw would like to nominate Ross Mullis . She says “It’s been a really busy time with a team member leaving us and staff holidays. Ross has really helped to cover all services (including extra cafés) home visits, extra case load and managed to redesign the carers learning group sessions! Thanks Ross for all of your help!”