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Prime Minister’s Schools Dementia Friendly Challenge


ADSS has been working with two Gravesham Schools to raise awareness about dementia through lessons and assemblies.  ADSS put these schools forward to be selected for a pilot educational programme as part of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Friendly Community Challenge.

We were successful in our bid, and these two schools were chosen out of 13 secondary schools/colleges across the country to participate in this prestigious project. The idea of this project is to help remove the stigma of dementia, providing children with confidence and insight into this issue, and aiming to provide interaction and enrichment between people with dementia and children/young people.

For information on lesson plan:  Lesson-Plan-Northfleet-School-for-Girls-20.06.12.pdf 

Northfleet School for Girls & St John's CCS - Life Story Books

Students from have volunteered to take part in the Life Story Intergenerational Project  which has meant students spending time with our clients finding out about their memories and recording those valuable and precious memories for inclusion in a book.

Students and support workers arranged visits to a number of clients to put together a life picture book, pictures which gave a story of the client's life.  Clients were asked to contribute captions to go with the pictures telling the story of their life.

Students B and R commented that had really enjoyed speaking with one particular client with each visit he remembered more and more things about his past, which seemed to help him, he enjoyed their visits telling his story and reminiscing.  In turn the students felt very proud to be involved in this project and to be able help to produce a book that meant a great deal to the client and his family. 

The Project is also having a wider impact and the students explained that in school a Christmas tree had had its pine needles removed and had been spayed white.  All the students were then given the opportunity to write their memories or experiences of dementia on pieces of card and put these on the branches of the tree giving other students the opportunity to read about dementia and gain a better understanding of what dementia means to those with and caring for someone with the disease.

Students have become dementia ambassadors for the school and have given assemblies and have supported lessons in local primary schools to raise awareness and help to reduce stigma and promote understanding.  This is turn having a wider impact and enabling those with dementia live a far better life.

The school recently had a number of special visitors please click here to find out more our thanks to NFSG and St John's CCS for the catering and entertainment


The project continues and students

will be involved in .......


At St John's CCS

  • Researching dementia and its effects on individuals

  • Students to present assemblies

  • Students to lead on PHSE lessons

  • Recording their finds and work

  • Production of a Mosaic of grandparents to be displayed around the school and grounds



  • Students to gain confidence and understanding by focusing on the National Dementia Strategy and to become Dementia Ambassadors teaching other students throughout the school

  • Dementia Ambassadors to teach a lesson to Y5/6 students at local primary school

  • Dementia focus days

  • Production of a dementia booklet


For more information please contact a member of the team on 01474 533990, or by email:

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